PLAN IT DO IT - 12 Week Fitness Planner

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These days there are so many ways to get fit and it can be confusing.  Resistance bands are like having a gym at home or where-ever you go.  But there is something missing.  Yes, a personal trainer!  Do you want someone to instruct you on what to do with your bands?


Here is the answer...  PLAN IT DO IT

PLAN IT DO IT is your personal trainer in the palm of your hand.

You now have 12 weeks worth of daily exercises and meal tracking.  Each day targets different muscle groups.  You chose your resistance levels and increase them as you get stronger.  Record up to 5 sets per exercise.  Track your reps and resistance.  Keep notes on your progress.

Nutrition is is just as important as resistance training.  PLAN IT DO IT has pages for you to plan out your meals for the week and daily.  Keep track of what you eat and how much water you drink.


All of this and more in a convenient sized planner that will fit easily into your gym bag, back pack or purse.  Get yours now!