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11 Piece Resistance Bands Set: Firm Up, Slim Down, Feel Better, Get Stronger Starting Now.

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Fall is here and Winter is around the corner.  NOW is the perfect time to start getting your Summer body ready.  Resistance bands are an easy convenient way to get started.


Find out for yourself what so many others have been raving about!


Everything you need to get started in one small bag!

For months, I stayed inside watching my weight creep up. With every bowl of caramel ice cream and eating just because I had nothing else to do, I was losing energy. I was running through the refrigerator faster than a hot knife through butter.😒


I knew I had to do something to reverse these Pandemic pounds on my hips & thighs. Life is upside down for everyone so I shouldn’t complain that my normal gym schedule is thrown off completely… but we still need to stay in shape.


Wanna know what top trainers are doing right now?


Here’s the Secret Sauce that’s Fat Free → I started using Resistance Bands and it has been a game changer! 🎉 I am doing nearly all of the exercises to get back in shape in 30 minutes so I feel like I did 30 years ago. Before kids, my stressful job and every other thing that snatched away my free time!





Simple 3 Step System

💪 Step 1: You just snap the bands on the handles

💪 Step 2: Attach to doorknob in any room you want

💪 Step 3: Follow your customized exercise plan inside PLAN IT DO IT, your personal fitness planner





1 - Resistance Bands Set

  • 5 lightweight color coded natural latex bands. Extreme Durability. Stacking bands can add up to 100 lbs of extra resistance for faster resultse
  • 1 Door anchor
  • 2 handles
  • 2 ankle straps
  • 1 Storage Bag

Any fitness Level can use them  - There are resistance band exercises designed for every part of your body. You can use it based on what feels good to you!  

Your own gym in the palm of your hands.